The Final Taxi- a re-intro

The Final Taxi has been blogging and podcasting almost a year now but I am moving the blog to WordPress for more exposure.

The Final Taxi is a podcast/blog that deals with the deaths of minor celebrities that have recently died. These are actors, musicians, inventors, writers or others in the entertainment field who have died and did not get the attention that they deserved. They were lost in the shuffle.

It is a bit of history, a bit of nostalgia and a lot of love.

Each of us hold a piece of this puzzle called life and with one piece the whole thing shifts into something different. Think of the movie “It a Wonderful Life.”

Everyone I blog about I am glad they were a part of this world.

The original blogs and podcast are found at



6 Responses

  1. The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

  2. not really.

  3. типа веревка хороша когда длинна.. 🙂

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