What is it with fathers this week?

I had no sooner heard the news that a co-workers father had died during the night when I found out she was not alone.

It seem that the famous folk singer of songs like “The Night The Drove Old Dixie Down” , Joan Baez has lost her father to natural causes. Albert V. Baez was 94. Not only was he the father of Joan Baez but also of another folk singer, Mimi Farina, Joan’s younger sister who died in 2001. Albert Baez was also a noted physicist as he co-invented the X-ray reflection microscope, which is still used for medical purposes and to take X-ray pictures of galaxies.

Charles Voyde Harrelson, a hired assassin , professional gambler and father of movie star Woody Harrelson,
also died in the maximum-security cell where he was serving two life sentences. The Emmy Award-winning Academy Award-nominated American actor’s father had been prosecuted four times for three separate murders. Harrelson had reportedly claimed a dozen contract killings by 1982 when he was convicted of firing the sniper’s bullet that killed U.S. District Judge John H. Wood outside his townhome.

One wonders if this is not why Woody did such a great job of terrorizing us in his film “Natural Born Killers?” Did he study his father?

( Update: Just came in that not only famous peoples fathers but a mother as well. – Myrtle Anderson, singer Joni Mitchell’ s mother, has taken her Final Taxi at the age of 95. An nspiration and encouragement to Joni, she is immortalized in much of
Joni’s work such as “Let The Wind Carry Me”, “Dreamland”, “Song For haron” and “Facelift”. )

~ The Final Taxi


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  1. To honor the passing of Joni
    Mitchell’s mother, why not have a section called something like “Big Black Taxi” and link it to one of the Joni Mitchell sites (e.g. http://www.jmdl.com) so people can post their condolences.

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