Memorable Ads From Howard Field

As I think back about all the TV I watched as a kid, you have to admit that if the TV show sucked you always had some good commercials to watch. At least they were memorable.

Okay, I will have to admit that we’ve occasionally been known to sneak off to the bathroom or kitchen or to Tijuana during commercial breaks. But there were certain ads that will always stick in our brains.

Who can forget Rosie the waitress, or Josephine the plumber? They were strong roles and they kept us entertained while selling their product.

Clad in silver armor and mounted on a white steed, the Ajax White Knight galloped valiantly down neighborhood streets zapping dirty laundry with his magic white lance  to the tune of “Stronger than Dirt.”

How about the Wesson oil commercial where the father comes in and ask the mother what the daughter is doing cooking bread in Wesson. I think you could fry anything in that stuff from fried chicken to the neighbor’s cat.

The reason for my remembering these is that the creator of these and many other commercials, Howard Field has taken his Final Taxi.

 After graduating USC he was signed as the youngest contract writer at MGM Studios. He was one of the first writers of plays for television. But the Big Apple beckoned and he went off to write for Young & Rublacam, Grey and Compton Advertising Agencies. He began the character commercials that were ground breaking.

Besides the ones I had talked about Field also gave us the Revlon commercials which featured Barbara Feldon, and he made us want to bake great Duncan Hines cakes.

 Howard Field won many Clio’s for his creativity.

One never knows what kind of impact you will have on people, even in just creating TV ads.




One Response

  1. I wonder if Cheerios had anything to do with Howard living to the age of 99?

    I like the Muliti-grain Cherrios myself.

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