Not living long enough to see fame…

On the Final Taxi, I talk about people who touched our lives through their talents. Today I want to talk about someone who may have had those talents and could have touched our lives but did not live long enough for us to find out.

While reading the obituaries this morning, a habit of mine, I ran across this one that brought a tear to my eye. Maybe it is because she died of  leukemia.  Leukemia is something that has robbed my family in that seven years ago my 10 year old niece died of it. She would have graduated high school with my son this year. I loved Samantha  and I miss her.

This is the obit of Carmilla Stull. She will only be known on IMDB as a voice actress in a episode of Family Guy. She should have been known for more. Please support any project to stop leukemia, this killer of so many.

I look forward to hearing Camilla’s voice.


Camilla Gamelle Stull was born in Arcata, CA, on October 26, 1994. She
left us April 16, 2007, in her home, after a 3 year battle with
Camilla was an absolute gift, bringing incredible joy and inspiration
to her family and those who called her their friend. Throughout her
battle with cancer, we were amazed with her spirit and
determination…both to beat the leukemia and to continue to live her
dreams. On December 17, she was given 2 weeks to live. Camilla had
other ideas. She took a trip to LA, meeting some of her idols, went to
movies with friends, watched her brother’s sporting events, visited
with friends, had a New Year’s Eve party…she was determined to live.
A 7th grader at McKinleyville Middle School, she was highly
intelligent, concerned with her grades, even in the midst of her pain
and suffering.
Camilla was such a full, extraordinary person: spirited and
independent, intense and energetic, so creative and determined. She
was her own person, true to herself, unapologetically strident if
necessary! Camilla loved music, and was a beautiful and talented
pianist, and singer, and she loved to dance. She was a gifted writer
of short stories, poetry, and song lyrics. While at St. Jude
Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, she also began to paint.
Camilla had a wonderful sense of humor and spontaneous joy, a great
thirst for adventure and was really fun to be around, for friends and
adults alike. She was a most loyal and compassionate friend and
sister. She loved to play board games, and she was a huge Harry Potter
fan and expert, impossible to stump on Harry trivia. She was bitterly
disappointed that she couldn’t live until the last book came out. She
loved collecting things, particularly beanie babies, rocks and stones,
jewelry, glass animals and angel figurines. Camilla loved wildlife and
her beloved cat, Embers.
For someone her age Camilla had a highly developed sense of social
justice and love for nature. Her favorite things in the world were
going to her grandparent’s beach house in North Carolina every summer
with her family, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, and
traveling to Virginia for the holidays with her huge family and
Columbian “cousins”. She loved eating at her grandparents and uncle’s
restaurant in Leesburg, VA. Camilla adored her big extended family,
and spending time with them were some of her most cherished times.
Camilla also enjoyed sports, playing soccer on her Class III team, and
watching her brother John play basketball, baseball, and soccer. She
kept up with all the McKinleyville Little League teams, knowing the
positions of all her friends and the standings of the teams. Hanging
out at the little league field, watching John and her buddies play,
brought her a lot of happiness.
One of her dreams was to be an actress. In a Newsweek article, Camilla
was interviewed for a section on the Target Corporation’s donation of
“Target House I and II” to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In
that article, she stated she wanted to grow up to be an actress “just
like Drew Barrymore.” Her dream was partially achieved when she became
friends with Drew and through her, was introduced to Seth Macfarlane,
the creator of The Family Guy. Seth gave her a contract and she
recorded the role of “Baby Girl” on an episode scheduled to air April
A frequent observation about Camilla, by peers and adults, was that
she possessed wisdom and insight well beyond her age, that she was an
“old soul”. This trait helped her endure the painful physical and
emotional challenges, and often terrible isolation in her battle with
cancer, with courage, grace, and patience that were remarkable. She
simply never gave up. The most common comment from her doctors and
health professionals about her medical condition and her extraordinary
will was “we’ve never seen anything like this before.”
Camilla leaves behind her parents, Richard Stull and Rema Sadak; her
brother, John; her maternal grandfather, Farris Sadak; her paternal
grandmother, Nancy Middleton; and dearest friend, confidant and
mentor, Judy Johnston.

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  1. That was a lovely life story, short as it was…sounds like she made the most of it.
    Leukemia…it has taken more than one of my friends.

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