No Sex Helps You Live Longer?

Want to avoid taking your Final Taxi a little longer?

According to a 116-year-old Ukrainian goat herder all you have to do is never have sex.

Grigoriy Nestor, from a village outside of Kiev, claims his long life is due to never having had sex with a woman “According to my Christian beliefs there is no sex before marriage, so I never had a wife.”says Nestor. “People that were not married like me live longer. People who get married just argue all the time, and that’s not good for your health.

“I believe that’s why I have lived so long, that and the fact I have never been curious.”

“People who know too much always come to a nasty end. Better to stay stupid and not wonder too much about anything.”

He told local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda he had only been to school twice when he had visited his local primary school for two days and learned to write his name.

He added: “The less you know, the longer you live. Ignorance is long life and happiness.”

His entire life has been spent tending his goats, he said.

As for me, the writer of this blog, I would rather die early with a smile on my face.

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2 Responses

  1. This is pretty funny.

    I guess his parents must have been at least a little bit smart to create HIM. I wonder how long THEY lived.

    I bet anything he has had a series of really, uh, FAVORITE goats over the years.


  2. Eh whatever. There’s nothing wrong with that approach as long as it works for him. The simplicity of his lifestyle is probably very healthy as opposed to the stresses of a modern lifestyle. I just think he’s probably being a little simplistic about his simplicity, is all.

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