Listen to Mom: Don’t Run With Scissors

Final Taxi LogoBack when I was in school we were made to watch some of these old 1950s made films that were to teach children safety. They taught safety by scaring the hell out of you into you becoming safe.

No wonder so many of the kids from my generation are obsessive/ compulsive.

One film that we were made to watch was called Live And Learn. It was made by educational film producer Sid Davis who I did a Final taxi podcast on a few months ago ( )

In the film Live And Learn there are several kids who do things that they should not do. Pouring gas on the fire, playing with matches, walking to close to cliffs and shoot a BB gun at someone are just a few of the things children do in the film and are taught they should not.

There is also a girl who runs with scissors in the film and is impaled on them.

It is unfortunate that life had to imitate art as a 6-year girl has died from playing with scissors.

Kayleigh C. Cochis had gotten gum stuck in her hair and need a way to get it out. So like any 6 year old she thought should cut it out. Kayleigh knew a pair of scissors were on top of the refrigerator. She was standing on a wheeled, office-style chair when it moved and she lost her balance after grapping the scissors. As she fell she was impaled in the neck.

The girl’s parents and her 5-year-old brother were in the house at the time and she died on the way to the hospital.

Maybe it’s time for children to be scared back into being more careful.

Watch the film Live And Learn online :


One Response

  1. You know if those scissors were in the kitchen drawer instead of on top of the fridge…

    Have you read about the study regarding teenage drivers? Apparently there is a part of the brain that assesses risk that does not fully develop until we are in our 20’s.

    Poor Kayleigh.

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