They Died Doing What They Loved…..

So what would you want to be doing when that Final Taxi comes calling?
These people recently met it while doing what they loved and what they felt they were called to do:

Well-known marathon swimmer from Connecticut, Dave Parcells, 49, died doing what he loved, swimming. Cameras often captured Dave’s skill and grace in the water.
The Madison resident swam the English Channel four-times, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer patients. He had heart attack while swimming a marathon in Tampa Bay.

‘Fearless’ speed skier Caitlin Tovar, 32, died after a tragic accident at a French ski resort She slid 3,000 feet down a steep slope covered in hard, bumpy snow after losing her footing at Les Arcs in the French Alps . Her mother said: “Cait was a girl who always walked close to the edge and this time she sailed a little bit close to the wind – but she died doing what she loved.
Caitlin Tovar was Britain’s fastest woman on skis, notching up a record speed of more than 125mph on one run in the extreme sport of speed skiing.

Hans Duerst, 50, died while riding cross country on his dirt bike. His death was the result of impact trauma caused by a direct collision with a tree.
He was a talented mechanic and businessman, he loved riding motorcycles and had been doing so on a competitive level for quite a ew years and he excelled at it. He was a driving force in the motorcycle community where he lived and volunteered much of his spare time contributing to their interests on all levels.


William Church, Sr., died of a heart attack while he was backing his fire truck into the Columbus Volunteer Fire Department station. The same truck acted as the Final Taxi and took Church’s body to his grave. Church joined the Columbus Volunteer Fire Department in 1992 where he drove fire trucks and worked with fire police. He was dedicated to helping others.

Billy Hughes, an amateur cricketer,collapsed and died during his team’s first game of the season . The 56-year-old was playing for Robinson’s in a North Manchester League first division game at Blackley when the tragedy happened.
His friend who had batted with him earlier in the innings, said: “Billy died doing what he loved best, playing cricket.”

“Robert Buckman was a police officer and volunteer fireman and EMT in the small town of Macksville, Kan. When a maximum force twister descended on Kansas last week, officer Buckman was unable to take cover. Buckman was rushing to warn other residents about the descending tornado when he was caught up in it himself.
His car was tossed practically the length of a football field, and Buckman, 46, was critically injured. “The car itself was smashed equivalent to stepping on a pop can,” his son Derick said.
Buckman was a well-known man around the tiny town of Macksville, Kan.
He served the community as not only a police officer, but a firefighter and emergency medical technician. But his most important role, said his family, was as a dad.
What was to have been a festive season — planning his daughter’s summer wedding — instead became a vigil in an intensive care unit.
“I could feel that he was aware of what was going on,” said his daughter, Kylee Buckman.
Sensing that her father would not survive much longer, Kylee and her fiancé transformed the last goodbye into a joyful parting by exchanging vows on Monday in her father’s hospital room.
“We decided that we wanted to have a ceremony in his room with him,” he said. “I could hold his hand and basically him give me away, even f he couldn’t say it.”
Hours later, Buckman was taken off life support, but not before saving a few more lives. Long ago he had arranged to donate his kidneys and liver to help others.

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  1. I have horses…but I want to die in my sleep thank you very much! Great collection of stories.

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