The Final Delivery

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The final delivery that British courier Leslie Wright would make was his own body to his own funeral. It arrived in a coffin-shaped cardboard box. 

The 71-year-old was dispatched to Cambridge crematorium in the package that was marked fragile, this way up and handle with care. 

As the body arrived, funeral director Andrew Patey had to sign a form, in duplicate, accepting delivery of the body which was dressed in his work uniform of burgundy trousers and jacket with a white T-shirt.

Wright had told his family he hated the idea of “going in a hearse”.  So to bypass taking that Final Taxi, they paid £250 for the cardboard coffin.  His grandson Kris drove Wright’s body to his service in his old Mercedes Sprinter van.

 Wright’s son Chris said: “Dad had a fantastic sense of humour and he would have loved this send-off. He must have delivered tens of thousands of parcels over the years and it was fitting his last delivery should be at his funeral.”

 He added: “The coffin actually cost a bit more than a standard plywood one with a veneer finish, but it was worth it.”

 Chris addressed the delivery note on the box to Cloud 9, Peace and Quiet Road, Heaven, Near Scotland”.

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  1. Hey Ron

    My blog today talked about dying green and cardboard coffins too. Are you some sort of long lost cousin of mine? HA.

    I would have loved to have seen a neon red sticker on Leslie’s box that said “Do not bend”. or maybe…”Contents perishable” 😀

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