Restauranteur Bob Evans Is In Hog Heaven

How many times have you ever stopped and ate at one of his restaurants?

You have seen them. There is over 590 Bob Evan’s restaurants in 18 states.

The creator of this food chain Bob Evan has cruised down the road taking his Final Taxi at 89.

Evans ventured into the restaurant business in the 1940s, operating a small diner. Evans complained that he could not get good sausage for the restaurant. So with $1,000, a couple of hogs, 40 pounds of black pepper, 50 pounds of sage and other secret ingredients, the farmer opted to make his own, relying on the hog’s best parts as opposed to the scraps commonly used in sausage. He began selling it at the restaurant and mom-and-pop stores, and peddled tubs of it out of the back of his pickup truck.

Evans formed Bob Evans Farms in 1953 with five friends and relatives. The chain emphasizes farm-fresh food, cleanliness and service in a homey atmosphere.

In the 1960s, the first Bob Evans Restaurant opened its doors in Rio Grande, eventually becoming the first in a chain of restaurants that made up the Bob Evans Farms, Inc.

The company also operates 108 Mimi’s Cafe casual restaurants in 19 states, mostly in the West. Its sausage and other products are sold in grocery stores.

Although Evans retired from the company in 1986, he remained actively involved in his community and numerous causes. Evans encouraged local farmers to utilize livestock grazing techniques that are friendlier to the environment and more efficient, and he promoted wildlife preservation. He also used his passion for agriculture to support groups like the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and 4-H.

3 Responses

  1. I never ate at a Bob Evans in my life. Do you think they still make “farm fresh” food? Does any chain restaurant?

    Highway travel and eating…not a great combo in my book.

    The part about wildlife preservation and good land stewardship was good to read. I hope his heirs are continuing those goals.

  2. I have eaten at a Bob Evans once. Pancakes were okay, but eat there as a last resort.

    I am happy Bob Evans lived a long life and did good things for wildlife preservation and supporting the Future Farmers of America.

  3. have eaten at Bob Evans many times in Springfield, Mo., and it was always good. I wish we had Evans in Texas.

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