You Can’t Have Your Money Because You’re Dead!


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How would you feel if you were told that you were broke and dead?

That is what happened to UK retiree Mary Welsby trying to withdraw money from her savings account and was refused. She was told over the phone that her bank account had been closed and the over 3000 pounds was gone.

Mrs. Welsby, 77, noticed that her monthly statements were not arriving and had called the Abbey National Bank to see what her balance was. They told her that it was closed but did not know why.

“I took the matter up with my local branch in Telford and they asked me if my husband had perhaps closed it.” said Weslby. “I replied it was unlikely because he passed away 25 years ago.
“The young lady serving me began typing away on her computer but all of a sudden looked puzzled and told me that according to their records, I was dead. She went a bit pale, either because she was embarrassed at such a mistake or she thought she was seeing a ghost.”

“I made numerous calls to head office but they kept on telling me not to worry and that they would make inquiries. That was fine for them but it was my £3,000 savings that had gone missing.”

Eventually, after the bank investigated further, it discovered that a woman with a name similar to hers and around the same age had died.

By mistake, Mrs Welsby’s account had been closed and the money paid out to the dead woman’s family.
Nine weeks later, the British grandmother of two, finally heard she was going to get her money back, hopefully with a bit extra by way of apology.

“… I’m 77 and a widow, so it doesn’t do my health any good when I’m told my £3,000 has disappeared because I’m dead.” said Mrs. Welsby.


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  1. I read about these kinds of stories occassionally. It reminds me of the other side of it…companies who think someone is still alive.

    One tough thing that happens to so many people is the constant (junk) mail that continues to arrive after the death of a loved one. It goes on for YEARS and it is sort of a daily jolt and reminder your loved one is gone. It is awful.

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