PODCAST: Inventors of Mr. Freeze & Beach Party Movies

Direct Download: Final Taxi Podcast

This week the Final Taxi talks about Max Hodge who took an unknown comic villain and turn him into on of Batman’s most remembered rouges, Mr. Freeze.

Also we follow the life of Tony Caras who after working in horror films with Rodger Corman and made film history in the 60s with ‘beach party’ movies.

Frankie and Annette

One Response

  1. Great podcast Ron. I wonder if we both had towels around our necks at the exact same moments. How did you attach yours? I think we (my brother and I) both knotted them, and tried diaper pins. Gad, remember those? Diaper pins?

    We would watch Batman and then run outside and replay the episode. Taking turns to be Batman and Robin. I think the neighbor kids had to be Joker or Penguin. We were NEVER the villian. Sometimes I was Catwoman. Even as a kid I realized how odd THAT character was…good? bad? what was that? Way too grownup for me to understand.

    Thanks for the wonderful podcast and all the sound effects.

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