Bar Hopping In A Stolen Hearse

I keep seeing on the news about car thieves that steal autos that have babies asleep in the back but this theft takes the cake and can only be report here on the Final Taxi.

In the South African city of Soweto, two men decided to take the closest vehicle they could find to go out for a night of drinking on the town.

As it happened Siphiwo Mkhize, driver for a local funeral home, had gone inside his home to get money for fuel for his hearse, parking it outside as he ran in.


The two partiers decided it as an easy car to take and stole it as they made a night on the town. During their drinking spree they hooked up with three women they met and asked them to go to another bar with them and they would drive.

The women got inside the coffin car and were shock to find a third man lying inside the vehicle. It was a corpse that Mkhize was delivering to his funeral home.

At this same time the hearse ran out of gas and the drunk men asked the women to get out and help push it to a gas station. Instead they yelled for help and local residents took the men into custody, strapping them down to the car with belts till police arrived.

“They failed to show us papers identifying whose corpse it was, and they appeared to be drunk,” said police officer John Dlomo. He said the men confessed to stealing the vehicle and using it to hop from tavern to tavern to go drinking.

“They told us they had decided they would dump the corpse somewhere along the way, but had not decided what they would do with the car,” said Dlomo.

Mkhize, the hearse’s driver was suprised at the theft. “It is a shocking thing to realize there are people who could steal a hearse with a dead person inside,” he said.

“Going shebeen-hopping with a corpse takes the cake. What kind of people are these?”

The men were arrested and the corpse taken back to the company’s mortuary.

One wonders if the dead man was a partier himself and would he have enjoyed this bar-hopping night?


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