Men of Mortuaries Calendar

Men of Mortuaries calendar

I went to the yearly Labor Day trade day in Scottsboro Alabama and while skimming through stuff I ran across the most bizarre calendar. It was shirtless men around a grave lowering a coffin into the it. I was shocked and tickled at the same time. The calendar was called Men of Mortuaries 2007.

It seems that the idea for a Men of Mortuaries calendar came to Long Beach, California funeral home owner Ken McKenzie after his sister Katherine, who survived breast cancer, talked about the financial struggles caused by the illness.

As she struggled to make ends meet during chemotherapy she started thinking about other people in similar or more difficult circumstances. When she saw fundraising calendars produced by firemen and Chippendales dancers, she jokingly asked her brother, “Where are the morticians?”

Inside this calendar cover features hunky, shirtless morticians holding shovels while other muscle-flexing funerary workers lower a casket into the ground.

The calendar was popular enough to warrant a 2008 version.

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  1. I actually corresponded with Ken about an interview for In Repose regarding this calendar. Every time we were supposed to talk he had something come up and I finally gave up trying to talk to him, he was WAY WAY too popular for In Repose.

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