Dead Pet Bunny Stolen

Muggers snatched an Austrian woman’s handbag unaware that it contained nothing but a dead rabbit.

The two thieves struck as Hilda Morgenstein, 42, was about to catch a train at Baden to the countryside with her daughter to bury the pet. The joke will be on the robbers once they find out that their loot contains nothing but a hare carcass.

Morgenstein said: “They saved us the trip – I told my daughter they were angels and were taking bunny to a better place.”

Police are still searching for the pair and the remains of the rabbit.

I wonder what the black market price is for a dead bunny is?

2 Responses

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  2. This reminds me of the story:

    A little girl’s rabbit dies. She lovingly buries it in her backyard. A neighbor’s dog smells and digs up the rabbit in short order, bringing it home. The neighbor, recognizing the rabbit from next door is mortified. Rather than face up to what she thinks happened, he washes and blow dries the dead rabbit and puts it back into the hutch, hopefully to fool the little girl into thinking that the rabbit died a natural death that had nothing to do with his dog.

    Of course one can only imagine the little girl seeing her dead and buried rabbit appear in the hutch again.

    Don’t know if this is a real story or an urban myth thing but it is funny nonetheless.

    Geez, maybe I should have blogged on this at In Repose. Maybe I will copy and paste and do just that.



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