Wear Your Dead Pet

If you look up ‘dog sweater’ in Google you will find all kinds of clothes for your four-legged friend to wear. It was become a very profitable business. Many people will take the time to even knit a coat for their furry companion.

But a British couple have taken on a different meaning to the words ‘dog sweater’ by making a pair of pullovers out of their dead dogs hair.
Beth and Brian Willis lost their white Samoyed, called Kara, 12 years ago and Swedish Lapphund, Penny, in 2002. They were upset by both losses. They wanted some way of remembering their pets.
After seeing a picture of Princess Diana wearing a dog fur stole at Crufts, they collected thousands of dog hairs from brushes and carpets.
It makes me wonder how often this couple vacuumed their home?

Mrs. Willis said: “Kara was a pedigree Samoyed. We found out from the breeders we got the pups from that it was possible to use their coat for clothes. It is the most amazing stuff. It’s like mohair but more lightweight and more soft, and the more you wash it, the more soft and fluffy it gets.”

She first used the fur of Kara, to knit her husband’s sweater in 1990 and then her one later. The pair said the his and hers dog memorials were “warm and waterproof”.

Sorry but I would be afraid of the smell after getting caught in a rainstorm.


2 Responses

  1. “Oh my, that is a lovely coat! Where did you get it?”

    “It’s a little something I made is all. You know, from my dead dog.”

    Seriously. Disturbing.

  2. makes me think a bit about the human hair clothing I saw made on “Project Runway”. Just think you could wear your dead mom, too.

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