Sex and lingerie models selling coffins?

Over the past two decades, the use of increasingly explicit sexual appeals in consumer-oriented print advertising has become almost commonplace. Sexuality is considered one of the most powerful tools of marketing and particularly advertising. Post-advertising sales response studies have shown it can be very effective for attracting immediate interest, holding that interest, and, in the context of that interest, introducing a product that somehow correlates with that interest.

So what is the correlation between lingerie models and caskets?

Half naked women and their coffins

“Coffins are consumer goods like any other things, so I sell in the same way as any other consumer goods are sold.” says  Maurizio Matteucci, owner of the Cofanifunebri undertakers in Rome, Italy.

What Matteucci has done is to produce a calendar that shows women in sexy underwear posing with his coffins. Pictures of 12 pouting women showing off the caskets are on the firm’s website.

He said: “The calendar is very popular. It is good marketing but it is also but also a way to play down such a serious subject and to smile.”

On the other side of the scale the new 2008 Men of Mortuaries calendar is out now. This is a spin-off of the traditional “hunks” calendars, it features funeral directors and morticians from across the country. I had wrote about them in an earlier blog.