A Hotel People Are Dying To Get Into

For my wedding anniversary I took my wife to a quaint little place in North Alabama called the Secret. It has four cottages that are themed based. They had a tree house, a Western jail, a log cabin and a nautical theme cottage. We choice the naval one.

Themed cabins and hotels are popping up all over the place. Most are built and decorated around a unifying theme. These hotels are great fun for families and for those travelers seeking a unique, action-packed vacation. A large number of the larger theme hotels are located in resort cities such as Orlando, Florida and Atlantic City, New Jersey, but they can also be found elsewhere in the United States and all over the world.

Many popular theme hotels are built around casinos. Las Vegas, Nevada has hotels that has themes ranging in motif from Egyptian tomb to New York skyline to pirates’ cove. For many Vegas tourists, theme hotels are a necessary part of the experience.

Mausoleum InnNow a Chinese woman is getting into the theme lodging business in and unusual way. Jiao Meige has opened a mausoleum-themed inn to let people experience the feeling of death.

She set up the Mausoleum Inn in a house in Lishui town of the Jiangsu province.

The building is shaped like a Chinese mausoleum, and the beds are in the shapes of coffins.

“I rented this piece of land to put a farm there, but because there are many old graves in the field, no one wants to work here,” she said.
Jiao says the idea for the Mausoleum Inn came to her in a flash.

“Since there are so many graves, why don’t I give people a chance to experience death?” she asked.

“There are no services at night, and the guest can go nowhere, since outside is just a vast graveyard.”
Jiao says no residents with heart problems will be accepted at the Mausoleum Inn, and mental patients must be accompanied by healthy people.

I wonder if there is a Final Taxi there for you to take for a ride into the town?